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    As a central of Java-Buddhism culture, lots of budhism cultural-heritage represent by Borobudur  a buddhist-temple,  can be found in this 32,800.69km2 large province. Its large  approximately a quarter of the total land area of Java Island. Also in Central Java, include Jogjakarta in it , foreigner people can find easily everything about old-Java’s culture and visit the only still living Java King and Java Queen  in Java Kingdom Keraton (Palace) Jogjakarta as representative of java’s culture in Jogjakarta.
    The world's largest Buddhist temple in the world , not only a square building temple, but a huge Hills’ size  temple consists of nine stacked platforms, six square and three circular, topped by a central dome. It is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. The central dome is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues, each seated inside a perforated stupa. It is a Javanese Buddhist architecture, which blends the Indonesian indigenous cult of ancestor worship and the Buddhist concept of attaining Nirvana , Borobudur has the largest and most complete ensemble of Buddhist reliefs in the world. Instead of being built on a flat surface, Borobudur is built on a natural hill 265 m (869 ft) above sea level.
    Built in the 9th century during the reign of the Sailendra Dynasty, the temple design follows Javanese Buddhist architecture. It has nine platforms, of which the lower six are square and the upper three are circular , Borobudur has 320 steps climbing from the basic of the temple to the top dome.
    Borobudur stated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once a year budhi’s pilgrimage from all over the world comes to Borobudur celebrate Vesak at the monument . Nearby of Borobudur we find also Buddhist Temple Mendut & Pawon Temple in straight-line arrangement.
    Ecovillage Tour
    Cycling , Bamboo Rafting , Playing Traditional Musical Instrument Gamelan , Agrotourism , Trekking
    Horse carriage , are some of ecovillage’s programme beside Borobudur’s sunrise attraction that tourist can enjoy and feel more excited experience of their trip. It stressed with community-based tourism activities with educational content of social, cultural, and environmental aspect. Candirejo village or other villages are ready & being provided for tourist to visit.
    It is famous for  people that Borobudur as a Buddhist temple , Prambanan is a 9th-century Hindu temple compound in Central Java, Indonesia, dedicated to the Trimurti, the expression of God as the Creator (Brahma), the Preserver (Vishnu) and the Destroyer (Shiva). The temple compound is located approximately 17 kilometres (11 mi) northeast of the city of Yogyakarta on the boundary between Central Java and Yogyakarta provinces. Distance between Brobudur and Prambanan around 60km
    The temple compound, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the largest Hindu temple site in Indonesia, and one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. It is characterized by its tall and pointed architecture, typical of Hindu architecture, and by the towering 47-metre-high (154 ft) central building inside a large complex of individual temples. Prambanan also attracts many visitors with its Ramayana Dance attraction, a Ramayana epic , and combining the dance & temple become one of the major archaeological and cultural tourism attractions in Indonesia.