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    Jogjakarta , Central, & East Java are provences where the most majority tribes in Indonesia , Javanese , comes and shape the nation. 60% people from all Indonesian population are from here.
    This roundtrip package will bring you to the beyond art & cultural trip such Borobudur temple , Wayang Kulit ( shadow puppet ) with its full philosopic’s story ,  Keraton Palace in Jogjakarta where Java’s King & Queen stayed and ruled since centuries ( not only a symbol of nobility & kingdom highness , but Java King act and rule also as Jogjakarta’s Governor )  , Ramayana-beautiful dance which played at the open-air  near Prambanan temple directly everynight ,  Batik the most famous Indonesia’s traditional  clothes which is  stated by United Nation’s UNESCO  as Intangible World Heritage from Indonesia  is also come from here.  
    Nature trip like Bromo Volcanoe where you able to ride horse on it , Mt. Ijen amazing “Blue Fire” is One of the Only Two nature performance in the world , ( created by the gas coming out of the ground after meeting with oxygen. It looks exactly like a flame with blue color ) , Turtle beach , can’t be missed during your trip.
    Blending between exotic nature and cultural trip in Central-East Java will be a great experience for people who has adventure spirit with the art & cultural taste.


    West Java and also Jakarta capital city of Indonesia where  lies nearby, is one of the provence has long been famous as its historical & cultural story.
    One of the most famous original art-cultural traditional product from this provence is  Angklung, a unique & exotic bamboo musical instrument which is  stated by United Nation’s UNESCO  as Intangible World Heritage from Indonesia.
    Also “Wayang Golek” , a traditional art  Woodden puppet  comes originally from West Java , which full with wisdom-philosophic story played in a certain performance by a puppet master.
    Beautiful Nature , adventurous tour , & cultural tour also a great experiences extent in all spots place here such paddy field , active volcanoes Tangkuban Parahu ,  isolated baduy tribe , tea-fruits-strawberry farming , botanical garden , Krakatoa island and one horn rhino in Ujung Kulon Island just  as some examples.
    Once you start West Java cultural tour means you take also Jakarta glam & historical tour in one time, which at the past Padjadjaran Great Hindu Kingdom , Dutch and Portuguese first invasion taken place here.
    Silentness exotic nature and cultural trip in West Java blending with glam and crowd of Jakarta’s atmosphere will be a great experience for people who wants know variety of West Java’s destination.