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    The Baliem Valley
    A lush and fertile valley, surrounded on all sidesby towering peaks of 2,500- 3,000 meters, lies in Wamena Regency which has its own airport for tourists to reach it. The valley is about 80 km in length by 20 km in width and lies at an altitude of about 1,600–1,700 metres (5,200–5,600 ft).
    There are three main tribes inhabiting the Baliem Valley area: The Dani at the base of the mountains , The Lani to the west , and The Yali in the southeast. Each tribe has a distinctly different culture. One sure way to tell them apart is the unique style of koteka, or penis gourd, that is worn by the males in each of these tribes.
    The tribal people here are still living very much like how they have always been. Cultures (mummy and tradings) also become part of uniqueness in tour programme here. One of interesting customs in their community w hich involves funeral ceremonies. When a family member dies, all related females voluntarily cut off part of a finger as a way of showing their grief. Dani tribe finger cutting is well-known . After was done using a special cutting tool, then the finger was burned to ashes, which were then stored in a special place.


    Honai House
    Honai is the traditional house of the mountainous community in central Papua. It made of planks of rough wood with the sago palm roof-top or reeds. Honai has a small door and no windows. Actually, the structure was built Honai narrow or small, windowless intended to withstand the cold mountains of Papua. The house has a round shape and is usually occupied by 5-10 people. Honai consists of two floors of the first floor as a bed and a second floor for a place to relax, eat, and do crafts. Honai is approximately 4-6 meters in diameter and 5-7 meters in height.  In the middle of the house prepared a place for a bonfire to warm themselves.
    Mummy of Dani Tribe
    The Mummy was chief of the tribe. Mummification by smoked-technique , the Dani people dried them under the sun and then stashed them in a cave, the remains were exposed to hot smoke, drained of liquified fat through piercings and slathered with lard. The entire process took months
    Mock Battle
    In Baliem Valley Cultural Festival , wearing colourful tribal clothing and decorations, these three Papua interior tribes - the Dani, Lani and Yali , dressed in distinctive tribal attire, to stage mock battles accompanied by the sound of the traditional Papuan singing and chanting