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    Known with its ancient name , Swarnadwipa, taken from Sanskrit name, which mean "Island of Gold", and also  Swarnabh?mi  - "Land of Gold", because of the gold deposits in the island's highlands. The first mention of the name of Sumatra was in the name of Srivijayan Haji (king) Sumatrabhumi ("King of the land of Sumatra"), who sent an envoy to China in 1017.
    Sumatra is the largest that is located entirely in Indonesia (after Borneo and New Guinea, which are shared between Indonesia and other countries) and the sixth-largest island in the world at 473,481 km2
    Its complete tourist destination-sunny beaches, rich flora and fauna, large rivers and great history attract many tourists to come. Sumatra has the richest wildlife in Indonesia and hence it is known as "Africa of Asia". No wondering Sumatra is so rich because it is Indonesian island where lays closest to mainland Asia.
    Also historical heritage, richness nature-view, varied-culture, combine with challanging wildlife in its surrounding is the ideal place for you. Sumatra attracts fewer tourists than its neighbors like Java and Bali. So if you are looking for a quiet holiday away from maddening crowds then Sumatra fits the bill perfectly.
    The interior of the island is dominated by two geographical regions: the Barisan Mountains in the westcoast and swampy plains in the east.
    An Overland tour along Sumatra Island will be a memorable moment for most people who like long trip experience with varies spots between natures, cultures, and histories.