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    The fabled island of Sulawesi is shaped like a tropical orchid, each "petal" a peninsula, ridged with lofty mountains and surrounded by coral reefs. The topographical variety is complete, offering spectacular mountains, scenic coastline, lakes, rice patties, and dense jungles making Sulawesi one of the few islands where a traveler can experience such cultural and marine diversity without having to travel to another country.
    North Sulawesi
    Bunaken , famous coral-sea garden from long time era, and smallest monkey in the world called Tarsisius tarsier in Tangkoko Nature Reserve, are the most attractive things to be experienced by tourist here.
    Central Sulawesi
    - Togian Islands
    These numerous offshore islands with white-sandy beaches and spectacular underwater views, are perfect for snorkeling, diving or just relaxing on the beach watching the sunset. Getting There : From Poso it is a 3.5 hours drive to Ampana following a 5hr boat ride to Wakai. Facilities include cottages and restaurants for your maximum comfort.
    - Megaliths
    The famous megaliths stones nestled in Napu, Besoa and Bada valleys in Central Sulawesi are amoCentral Sulawesi are among the world's unsolved puzzles. They are covered with unique and mysterious carvings. Some of the better known megaliths are Pokoke, Suso, Pekaselle, Tadaluko, and Watu Palindo beingthe biggest of them all (4.5 m high).


    A 229,000 hectare tropical rainforest in Central Sulawesi providing a natural habitat for many species of flora and fauna such as palm trees, agatish, anoa, deer hog, monkeys and tarsisius.
    Lake Poso
    Located in Poso regency, stretching 32.3 km long and 16 km wide. The lake is surrounded by a magnificent forest view with crystal clear water for swimming and provides a perfect setting for outdoor lovers of all ages. Situated around the lake are several attractions namely : Bancea Orchid Garden, Saluopa Waterfall, Sulewana Waterfall, Pamona and Latea Caves and also the lake Poso Festival Ground.
    South Sulawesi
    The traditional culture of the Torajans rivals any in the archipelago, making this area one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia.  The provincial capital of Makassar, become most important hub connecting between all eastern Indonesia and western Indonesia part.
    Southeast Sulawesi
    At present one of three most beautiful coral-sea garden in the world, called “Wakatobi” , lies in this province , become must hunted coral-sea garden spot by sea-diving lover from all over the world.