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    03 May 2018
    Jailolo Bay Festival is an annual folk culture festival every April or May for a week held in Jailolo City, Teluk Jailolo, West Halmahera, North Maluku. Exotic cultural festivals present indigenous performances in the beauty of the beach and sea views in Jailolo bay, Halmahera Island.
    The Jailolo Bay Festival 2018 will highlight the natural beauty of Jailolo Bay, various culinary West Halmahera, Underwater Potential, Customs and Cultural Diversity. This event contains a series of activities such as Sasadu at the Sea, Moloku Kie Raha Cultural Arts, Cultural Parade, Sigofi Ngolo, Orom Sasadu, Art Show, Title of Culinary West Halmahera Food and Exhibition.
    Sasadu above the sea is presented by the local community, ranging from choreography, playing musical instruments, fashion, make up to art performances. Contemporary performing arts combine elements of traditional dance, traditional music, drama and choreography rooted in the culture of the Jailolo people.
    Moloku Kie Raha's cultural arts consist of guests who are pampered with traditional cuisine with regional specialties, then stage and cultural arts Moloku Kie Raha presents a variety of artistic philosophies and cultural traditions of diverse North Maluku.
    The cultural parade was held to present the heterogeneous community culture of West Halmahera which consisted of various tribes, but lived harmoniously in unity. The cultures of the four major kingdoms in North Maluku are Jailolo, Bacan, Ternate and Tidore will meet in the philosophy of Moloku Kie Raha.
    Orom Sasadu is a thanksgiving ritual for the Sahu tribe at harvest. Rituals such as eating together are usually held twice in January and August. At dinner time, a typical Sahu music will be played. If the Sultan comes to visit, then the Sara Dabi Dabi dance is also shown.
    Sigofi Ngolo is a ritual cleansing the sea to get rid of all bad faith and ask permission from nature when starting the voyage with sincere intentions. Fishing boats that are decorated, prayed for and led Babua island as a holy place.
    Past triumphs as an important part of the island can still be found today on Jailolo such as nutmeg, cloves and copra. The richness of the spices permeates the culinary specialties of West Halmahera ready to spoil tourists.
    The culinary of Guaeria village on the jailolo bay beach is very special. In Bobanehena village, tourists can learn the way of life of clove farmers. Mangrove forests in Gamtala village bring adventure down the coastal forest and immediately witness the lives of people around the river such as processing sago and looking for shells.
    17 August 2018
    In order to make most of Ambon Bay attract more tourists to Maluku Province, the Maluku Provincial Government held the Ambon Bay Festival annual event.
    The festival lifted the beauty found in the Bay of Ambon and was also packed with various competition events characterized by a very close maritime life to the Maluku-oriented sea community including fishing competitions, Male Semang Boat and Semang Prempuan Boat, Band Hawaiian Race and Arumbae Manggurebe which became the final match of the festival where the Arumbae Manggurebe Contest which is now known as the race for speeding boats keeps historical value as a means used by fighters to drive out invaders from the land of Maluku.