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    26 July 2018
    Tourist events that are included in the annual Wonderful Indonesia, the Bunaken Enchantment Festival will be held again on Bunaken Island in Manado, North Sulawesi
    The Bunaken Enchantment Festival is held by the North Sulawesi Provincial Government and the Manado City Government and is supported by the Ministry of Tourism filled with several interesting activities, such as arts and culture performances, volleyball games, boat rowing competitions, Bunaken cleaning, Katinting boat decorating competitions, snorkeling, traditional games and a grilled fish party.
    06 September 2018
    Makassar International Eight Festivals & Forum (MIEFF) was annual event known in short often called the Eight Festival or F8. It is called F8 because this festival combines all the creative potential of Fashion, Food, Fiction Writers & Fonts, Fine Art, Folks, Fusion Music, Flora & Fauna, and Film. Above all, it is rooted in local traditions and culture.
    Will be held every September in Makassar every year, this international-scale arts and culture festival is presented creatively and attractively on a natural setting. In addition to a series of main events, there are also other events that accompany F8, such as Flying Kite, Flying Board, Jetski, Indonesia Creative Cities Conference, and others.
    F8 can be said as a grand stage for writers, filmmakers, photographers, designers, communities and other artists, to present works that can be enjoyed by many people. Everything is processed from the local potentials of Makassar and its surroundings.
    13 September 2018
    Bulukumba District in South Sulawesi will again hold the 2018 Phinisi Festival. The four-day event marks the tenth anniversary of the Phinisi Festival.
    This year's celebration presents sailing trips followed by traditional phinisi ships and various sailing ships.
    Other traditional events that visitors can enjoy at this festival include the traditional Kajang rituals called Addingingi and Attunu Panroli Camps, Pabbitte Passapu dances and Kajang weaving demonstrations in Kajang area.
    11 November 2018
    Following last year's success, Wakatobi Wonderful Festival and Expo, better known as Wakatobi Wave 2018, again highlighted the underwater paradise of the Wakatobi National Marine Park in Southeast Sulawesi. Wakatobi Wave 2018 is planned to be held on 11-13 November 2018. Actually, the name Wakatobi is taken from the first two letters of the four main islands: Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko.
    Wakatobi Wave 2018 will be the perfect opportunity for you to explore the wondrous wonders of the islands where on land the islanders perform their traditional dances, music and art performances as well as folk games, carnivals, traditional culinary festivals, and more. As a special prize this year, the community has prepared a large-scale traditional ceremony called Kabuengan as well as a colossal dance performance.
    While in the clear blue sea, will highlight the magnificence of the Wakatobi sea, there will be a competition for Underwater Photography, Triathlon, and a unique Pinang Climbing competition off the coast. Panjat Panjat Pinang is a very popular folk game which is usually held in connection with the Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day Celebration where groups of 4-6 people try to climb the tip of the betel nut to reach the prize that is hung on the top. Climbing the pole a little away from the beach will definitely add to the challenge. On a more serious note, Wakatobi Wave 2018 will also present a Seminar discussing issues concerning Marine Tourism.