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    19 June 2018
    Located in the easternmost province of Indonesia, namely Papua Province, there is an Asmat tribe that has been known for its ability to make carvings without any sketches. This engraving is reflected in connection with the spirit world. The annual Asmat Cultural Festival highlights the fine carvings of the Asmat people, starring hundreds of sculptor and traditional Asmat tribesmen.
    At the height of the Asmat cultural feast, there were always an auction of two hundreds of high-value Asmat carvings which were the best carvings from the committee's selection and always more than 50% sold with transaction value reaching hundreds of millions to Billions of rupiah
    01 July 2018
    The Biak community in West Papua will mark the beginning of July with the Biak Munara Wampasi Cultural Festival. This event featured many activities such as snap mor (catching fish in low tide / meti), beyen fire trucks (walking barefoot on hot rocks), running Biak 10 km, cruising trips to attractions, orchid and cultural exhibitions, band entertainment, Biak typical arts and dance, underwater photography international competitions, photography seminars and training.
    This festival is generally held in Catalina Wreck, Wundi Island, Rurbas Kecil Island, Barracuda Point to Owi Island.
    08 August 2018
    This is an extraordinary festival and has become a routine yearly  attraction for visitors in Papua. The Baliem Valley Festival was originally a war event between Dani, Lani, and Yali tribes as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. A festival that show of strength between tribes and has been going on for generations but is certainly safe for you to enjoy.
    The Baliem Valley Festival lasts for three days and is held every August to coincide with the month of the Republic of Indonesia's independence celebrations. Initially it was first held in 1989. What is special is that the festival began with a war-like scenario such as kidnapping citizens, killing tribal children, or invading newly opened fields. The existence of this trigger caused other tribes to take revenge so that the invasion was carried out. This attraction does not make revenge or hostility a theme but it is actually positive, namely Yogotak Hubuluk Motog Hanoro which means Hope for a Tomorrow that Must Be Better than Today.
    18 October 2018
    The Raja Ampat Enchantment Festival 2018 will take you on a spectacular adventure to some of the most amazing splendor of the Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua Province. This extraordinary event will be centered on Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat Regency on Waigeo Island.
    The Enchantment of Raja Ampat Festival 2018 will feature various activities that will reveal the magical wonders of Raja Ampat, from stunning scenery to close and personal encounters with some of the most interesting and unique sea creatures in the world. You will also be taken to snorkeling and diving spots on all the islands that have obtained registration titles for the World's Best Snorkeling and Diving places by CNN Travel. In addition, you can join thousands of local residents to enjoy many exciting attractions in the form of various competitions, performing arts and dance, exhibitions, and public entertainment. It also offers many opportunities for marine exploration since Raja Ampat is the heart of the world's coral triangle. Here also in festival you will find many whales, dolphins, dugongs, turtles and more, you are in a truly unforgettable experience