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    20 February 2018
    This unique tradition is held every year on the 20th day of the 10th month in the traditional Sasak Calendar which falls around February each year. Bau  in the Lombok language means "catch" and Nyale is a type of sea worm that only exists around this time of the year. Therefore, Bau Nyale is a festive ceremony when many people catch Nyale along a number of the best beaches in Lombok.
    Bau Nyale is a tradition of Lombok residents who live along the south coast of the island to catch nyale worms, especially by those who follow the Wetu telu belief. This ceremony is indeed quite unique. Nyale appears once a year on Kuta beach and Seger beach is usually around February during the rainy season. These worms last only two to three nights, just before dawn. Although elders always say that they can predict precisely the appearance of worms, most of the time is predicted one day, sometimes even a week.
    Until now, people in Lombok believe that when someone is able to catch this worm, they will bring good luck in their lives. Following this legend, a woman can be as beautiful as Mandalika when she eats worms, while a man will be blessed with enthusiasm. Nyale worms can be eaten raw or cooked. On festival nights, people usually perform rituals in private in their own homes.
    05 March 2018
    This event will be the perfect opportunity for you to explore the enchanting beauty of Labuan Bajo and the islands of the Komodo National Park along with original white sand beaches and even pink beaches, incredible underwater life, impressive scenery, and of course a unique culture from the local community itself.
    During the 2018 Komodo Festival, everyone is invited to visit the Papagarang traditional village which has many unique features. The village in the middle between Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island and Rinca Island (Komodo, Rinca, and Padar Islands are the only three islands in the world in Komodo National Park where dragons can still be found roaming the wild.). Here, find a collection of unique sandy islands called Pulau Sembilan which together form the shape of a nine figure, where in the middle you can find Jellyfish trapped in the lagoon.
    Around Labuan Bajo there are also traditional fishing villages of the Bajo and Sape tribes. They have a long tradition of shipping throughout the Indonesian archipelago, this village has a different stage house, you will see people drying fish and squid, while traditional rows of boats are parked along the coast. On the west coast of the village, you will meet "mermaids" - unique sea creatures called dugongs. This area is rich in seaweed, dugong find rich nutrition in this area, which of course offers a rare and unique spectacle for visitors
    09 April 2018
    On April 12, 1815, exactly 202 years ago, the Tambora volcano on the remote island of Sumbawa erupted so violently that thick ash clouds were carried around the world, Europe experienced a year without summer.
    On the island of Sumbawa itself a sultanate arrived at its tragic end which was completely buried in a layer of ash. The remains of people and preserved houses are then found in the same conditions as those found in Pompeii. At present, scientists recognize the Tambora eruption as the strongest in the history of volcanic eruptions. To commemorate this dramatic event and at the same time to commemorate the anniversary of Dompu Regency, every year Sumbawa holds a Festival of Enchantment of Tambora.
    The Pesona Tambora Festival will be filled with paragliding attractions, folk art and Barapan Kebo. A day later, the release of Tambora Challenge 320 K participants, Barapan Ayam, and Culinary was served on West Sumbawa. As well as a choreography workshop at Asi Mbojo Palace, Bima City.
    In addition to arts and cultural performances, in the Pesona Tambora Festival there are also trail adventures, mountain bikes, fishing, paramotor and other activities. Like the previous year, this activity also presented the development of creative economy, greening the forests of Mount Tambora, exhibiting superior products such as tambora coffee, folk markets, and regional culinary parties.
    10 September 2018
    It was held for the first time in 2012, every year The Pesona Moyo Festival will be filled with a series of interesting events such as Carnival, Cultural Parade, Cultural Exhibition, SME Expo Exhibition, Moyo Island Natural Cruises, Canoe Race, Cultural Discussion, Corn Party Festival, Buffaloes Race, etc.