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    24 August 2018
    Lampung Krakatau Festival is the core event of Lampung regional tourism which is held every year, in 2019 stepping on the 29th implementation. Aside from being an activity to commemorate the eruption of Mount Krakatau on August 26 and 27, 1883, this tourism activity is a means of appreciation and preservation of regional art and culture as well as introducing Lampung Tourism Objects and Attraction. This event presents a variety of main activities and several supporting events that are very interesting as a dish, a means of appreciation of cultural arts and enjoying the hospitality of the people of Lampung in the diversity of culture, ethnicity and customs through the Regional Cultural Carnival Parade and enjoying the beauty of natural charm. through the historic tour of the Krakatau Tour.
    03 October 2018
    This event is also a promotional event to introduce the beauty of Lake Kerinci to the whole world so that it can attract more tourists to visit Lake Kerinci.
    According to geologists, Lake Kerinci is part of the valley on Mount Kerinci. This valley is then formed as a small eruption caused by volcanoes and a decline in the Bukit Barisan Mountains.
    Lake Kerinci stretches 4,200 hectares and reaches a depth of 110 meters. A number of megalithic stone remains have been found in small villages scattered around the Kerinci coast, some of which date from 2,000 years ago. The presence of this ancient standing stone shows this area as a place that has been inhabited for thousands of years.
    To enliven this national event, the committee of Lake Kerinci Caring Community Festival (FMPDK) 2018 will present cultural parades, mass dances, custom parno competitions from all districts in Kerinci Regency, culinary booths and cultural arts performances and competitions.
    In performing arts and culture, Rangguk Tradisi Dance will be held, creative dance competition, pantun reciprocal competition, custom Kerinci recitation competition, tambourine sike competition and MAN, high school, student, and sanggar fashion shows in Kerinci Regency.
    07 November 2018
    On November 7 - 11, Palembang, the capital of the province of South Sumatra, will again hold the annual 2018 International Musi Triboatton (IMT 2018) which covers a distance of more than 500 km on the meandering Musi River, and this year is expected to be followed by 20 international and provincial teams. This year's event is the 8th time since 2012.
    This sporting event features rafting and cascading swimming races which is the traditional method of binding bamboo sticks with rattan which is commonly used by people to cross the Musi River.
    International Musi Triboatton (IMT) 2018 joins three river adventures using 3 different types of ships, namely river boats, kayaks and traditional racing boats, followed by aircraft carriers all the way from the upstream, through strong currents along a total of 500 km.
    12 November 2018
    Surf enthusiasts, thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, the Bekudo Bono 2018 Festival will again present the most challenging waves, not on the beach like surfing in general, but deep into the Kampar River in Pelalawan District, Riau Province.
    Kampar is a long river that flows from the mountains of Bukit Barisan to the west of the island of Sumatra. Rivers flowing swiftly along the west coast of the island, then meandering throughout Riau province, finally pouring water into the Malacca Strait, on the east coast of Sumatra.
    This tidal wave is known by local people as "Bono", which is a fast wave with a loud roar at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. Surfing in the river can rise as high as 4 to 6 meters, while creating a barrel that is preferred by surfers. At least 20 of the most experienced surfers in the world take part in this festival. A new record made by Australian Surfer James Cotton who managed to ride the ups and downs for 1.2 hours with a distance of 17.2 km.
    15 November 2018
    Belitung Regency in Bangka Belitung Province will hold the Tanjung Kelayang 2018 Festival on 15-19 November 2018. This festival will present 10 supporting activities such as a seafood specialty festival, kite festival, Bangka Belitung Fashion Carnaval, festival vlog and photo competition, tourism exhibitions and photo exhibitions, band festivals and others.
    Flanked by Gaspar and the Karimata Strait, off the east coast of Sumatra, Belitung is a beautiful island blessed with extraordinary views, special beaches and incredible views. Tanjung Kelayang Beach, in the northern part of the island, is the heart of Belitung's grandeur. This tropical wonderland is truly a place where you can get a picture of what heaven is like.
    05 December 2018
    The Lake Toba Festival will cover comprehensive activities from music, arts and crafts, traditional sports competitions, tourism seminars, to exhibitions. Among the various festival activities are: Decorated Wheelbarrow Parade themed 'Ulos', Colossal Puak Dance, Running Competition, People's Swimming Competition, Lake Toba Crater Geopark, Naga Solu Boat Competition, Mocak and Tor Tor Tumba Dance, Ucop Butet Geopark, Toba Beauty Parade , and much more. The festival will also feature art performances from districts around Lake Toba including from Sibolga, Batubara, Dairi, Karo, Samosir, Toba Samosir, Padang Lawas, and North Tapanuli.
    Formed through ancient volcanic explosions, this large lake is known for its amazing natural beauty and rich traditions. This area is considered the birthplace of Batak people - an indigenous ethnic group of North Sumatra.